»Countries will only thrive sustainably if academia, politics, and society come together.«

Academic consultant and analyst on the Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf region – Twenty years of professional experience at German think tanks, political foundations, and non-profit organizations – Thirty years of experience living and working in the Arab world

» My colleague Dina Fakoussa has decades of broad experience on the MENA region. I value her expertise because she has an eye for the big picture. At the same time, she is able to develop very concrete and innovative ideas for political actors. «
Dr. Isabelle Werenfels – Senior Fellow Research Division Africa and Middle East at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)


of political, socio-economic, and security issues and actors as well as of German and EU policies for the region


regarding the development of concepts for projects and publications, the identification of project partners and the implementation and evaluation of projects as well as fundraising


with actors from civil society, academia, and politics in the Arab region and Europe

Scientific approach

based on own action-oriented research on the ground and regular professional exchanges with relevant regional and international researchers, experts, and policy-makers

Dina Fakoussa

Knowledge, experience, and access regarding the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf region

“Successful work in this field requires above all respect and political and cultural sensitivity, but also broad-mindedness and a light touch.”

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